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I find that I highlight or add comments in books I’m reading on my Kindle more than I ever do in paper books, but when I am reading from print nowadays, I need to keep a pencil ready to continue my new highlighting & commenting habit! When I pick up an already read book, I will cringe when I see notes and comments in pen, or pages blotted by bright highlights. However when I see the same kind of notes in pencil, I do not mind. It’s not as I will grab an eraser to get rid of the comments, but somehow it feels as if the reader was more careful when leaving notes on the pages.

Do you write in your books? Highlight? In all books or just things like college textbooks?Deb, Booking Through Thursday

Come to think of it, it’s funny how – looking back on about 12 months of Booking Through Thursday1 posts – I can see how reading books on a Kindle has not only increased my notes, but it has also helped me :

  • get back to my ferocious reading habit,
  • start books whenever and wherever,
  • think about how I read books, and
  • pick up new titles without hesitating whether I’d like the book or not.
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Featured image source: Marco Polo with handwritten notes and sketches by Christopher Columbus


  1. I started following and posting this meme quite a long time ago: