Major peeve


right — as you must have noticed, I like (dare I even say ‘love’) doing quizzes.

and, as you know, once you filled out a quiz, you get a nice image and the chance to copy&paste the code into your own page.

wonderful, don’t you think? such thought went into making the quiz, and now the creator also offers you the chance to show off your results by providing you with a piece of html-coding — all ready to use.

then why in frell’s name, have I spent the better part of today checking and rechecking my frelling stylesheet, only to discover the creator of the html-coding for my ‘myth result test’ left out one teeny-tiny-tag!?!?

o no — html is so simple — all you have to do is type the opening tags and END them with a closing tag — easy peasy right?

then frelling why would someone forget to close a <font size=1> tag??

anyways — my apologies for the fact my page must have been heard on some people’s eyes — all is back to normal now, I think.

I did change the font from Verdana to Trebuchet MS — if you don’t have the latter, you’ll see my page in same old Verdana — except this time it’s more suitable for the hard of hearing.

till next time …. I still want to change the layout of the SETI@home page — I might even drag some coding into this site — just to keep you up to date on life in outerspace.