Low-Key Vacation

Only 4 more hours at work tomorrow, and then I’m off on vacation for 2 weeks.

Yay! I’m very much dead tired each day, and this vacation is sorely needed.

I won’t be going abroad, but I’ll be house-sitting my parents’ house :) I’ll have the use of 3 floors, a new kitchen, a small garden and a car.


  • staying with friends
  • have friends stay with me
  • join other friends for dinner
  • go to dinner with grandmother
  • back to the office for a farewell party of colleague (remember: do not come early, do not work!)
  • get together with some family members to brainstorm about wedding
  • clean house before parents get back
  • make story boards for 2 websites
  • work on contracts for webhosting company
  • try out fun recipes (on unsuspecting friends)