Lovely Links

[via BBC News Feed]UN fears over checkpoint births : how atrocious!
Shoppers ‘threat to orang-utans’ : do not use products based on Palm Oil – but how do you know it’s been used? [ed: o my – never realised that for instance in my beloved Oreo Cookies, they now use palm oil : Oreos, Orangutans and Unintended Consequences by Joel Makower of The Huffington Post]Holland tops EU paymasters list : instead of paying less (as was promised by our ever failing government), we’re going to pay more this year!
Deadly plague hits Warcraft world : plain silly – but sad if your player dies.

[via Huffington Post]Robert Smith: Intelligent Design : a twisted idea explaining a warped theory.

[via BoingBoing]iPod, circa 1954 : wonder if Apple knew this :)

[via Bloglines]We the Bloggers… : be careful, my american blogging friends!