London in May [or, releasing my inner-fangirl]

Back in November I was feeling sorry for myself. Stuck with physical therapy twice a week [more on this, in Dutch, in this post], I needed to make plans for the new year that would clear my dark mood.

Along came a message.

A concert in London, the O2 Arena, in May.

[toggle title=”For me, a once in a lifetime concert.”]

So, I bought the ticket (at 9:30AM, patiently refreshing the ticket website), without realizing the exact date: that would not be a problem (and, luckily, it wasn’t!).

Julie Andrews: Gift Of Music (poster)

Julie Andrews: Gift Of Music (poster)

On May 8 I will be one of about 22,000 people attending The Gift of Music, An Evening with Julie Andrews.

And yes, I’m a fan. Just this weekend I checked to see, and I have almost all her movies and most of her cd’s. I bought the audio version of her memoir, and I have listened to the poetry/songs/lullabies book.

Friday May 7 I will fly out to London and Monday May 10 I return. In the meantime, I will enjoy all of London (and perhaps a visit to Cambridge too), while sleeping in a hotel across from Liberty’s. A visit to the British Library is on my to-do list, hopefully I’ll have a chance to check out the new Anglo-Saxon hoard at the British Museum, and I’m going to see if the Tate has anything to my liking.

Mostly, however, and unsurprising, I’m looking forward to Saturday evening.