Loads of Links!

Russ: CSS in 10 Minutes [webgraphics] Alessandro: Introducing DomCorners

clear default text onClick – restore if nothing entered [scriptygoddess]

Minimiam [Low] cd’s branden

Google Reader [google weblog] Judging Book Search by its cover [Official Google Weblog]

Color Scheme [etc.] How to Make a Blog Header Graphic
Simple CSS Image Switcher
Resizable Underlines
Flickr Toys
Flexible CSS Navigation Example
Colorful Tabs
Protruding Image Effect
Header Backgrounds
Neat-o eclipse photo [BoingBoing] Bed that subsumes an entire bedroom’s worth of furniture
Model railroader’s model slums
Botanist: why so much colour variation in maple leaves
Switzerland’s fractal supermarket cabbages
Broken bookcases with staggered, slanted irregular shelves
Perfect toastie soldier machine
100 oldest .COM names in the registry
Junebug’s softy scupltures
Google sued by Association of American Publishers
Humorous slipcovers for books
Laser-etched Powerbook cases
MAD Magazine cover explorer — guaranteed clicktrance
Empire Strikes Back remade as 211k animated pixelart GIF
Japanese hotel chain offers Hello Kitty weddings
Library of public domain books preview — MSFT will add 150k titles in 06
German WWI officer’s photos from the Eastern front
Custom food embossers
Build a gingerbread Phantom Manor from Disneyland Paris
Knitted digestive tract
TV commercial of 10,000 250,000 superballs let loose in San Francisco
Vertical bookcase — stable, ceiling-high stack of books
Chunky kids’ keyboard
BBC Archive database — early info
Suicides on Golden Gate bridge, charted by location
Razzle-Dazzle: WWI cubist paint-jobs for battleships
Why are they making New Orleans a ghost town?
Whiteboard clock draws 1 circle/hour in dry-erase marker
BBC Radio’s experimental audio-tagging project
Childrens’ illustrations redrawn by adults
Hello Kitty’s darkside paintings
What it’s like to be a book scanner
Bird killed for knocking over dominoes
Google logos through the ages
Laser etched PowerBook