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During my last Christmas/New Year’s break, I decided to re-open my Goodreads account. Actually, I had to start over again, because in a case of Amazon-paranoia, I had deleted my previous account after news came out that Amazon had taken charge of Goodreads. Too bad, I did not keep my earlier account, but now I am back on track!

I have imported all my ebooks, and I have started scanning and importing all my print books. Keeping track of my read titles – including re-read old favorites – is fairly easy and I do it automatically now, and I have found that enjoy the list Goodreads is keeping for me. I have even joined their annual Reading Challenge!1

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  1. So far I’m nine books in, only six more to go this year.

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  1. I like the reading challenge, too! It’s nice that it lets you know whether you’re on schedule or not. As of the book I finished yesterday, I’m one ahead of schedule!

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      I love how the challenge helps me keep track of the books I’m reading this year. I feel like I’m ahead of schedule, and perhaps next year, I’ll choose to challenge myself with a larger number to beat! :-)

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