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View the original here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPo_eWMPHN4

A great youtube video by jonhuertas: LEDGE OF LOVE “The Official Fan Music Video”

New Single “Ledge Of Love” by Jon Huertas

Download on itunes: tiny.cc/toa2nw

Not only is he on the show Castle, he’s a fan of the show too…

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Directed by: Jon Huertas
Edited by: Teresa Partipilo 
& Maciek Sokalski

© 2012 Midrats/SlyDoggie Productions/BFM
“The Official Fan Video” for: Ledge Of Love
Inspired by the journey of Castle & Beckett — “Caskett”

Edited by: Teresa Partipilo 
& Maciek Sokalski

“Ledge Of Love” is a brand new song me & my homie/Producer Christian “Davis” Stalnecker co-wrote that was inspired by Castle & Beckett’s journey and every other relationship that needed time to fully blossom into something beautiful.
Thank you to all my fellow Caskett Shippers…Yeah, I always hoped they’d jump each other too…Thank you all for being the most supportive fans in TV history…my history anyway — I love you all!

New album ‘Grown And Sexy…Music’ coming in March 2013


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