Learning new tricks

Thanks to the ever patient guidance of Michiel, I am continually learning about new tricks/programs on my computer.

This weekend I learned the basics of the following programs:

For those of you who know about *nix computers, you will realize that this is part of text-based computing.

Michiel has been trying to persuade me to use more text-based programs, but I never saw the need. Until I learned that at work, we will be using a webinterface of Microsoft’s Sharepoint. This will mean more mousing and less shortcut keys.

And we all know that mousing equals RSI.

To avoid this, because I work with a computer not only at work, but at home as well (a lot!), I have decided to look into these text-based programs.

I have already learned that, although it is very different from mouse-based programs, I am enjoying the experience. Of course, without the help of Michiel, I would never have been able to use them as extensively as I am today – after only 3 days of using it!

If you want to learn more about these programs, click on the links behind them – one will be a direct link to the specific program, the other link will be for an easy and basic HowTo.