“Ladyboss” – Rachel Bloom | YouTube

A great YouTube video: “Ladyboss” – Rachel Bloom

Ugh, Derek.

BUY ON ITUNES: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/ladyboss-single/id1230487561

Starring Rachel Bloom
Directed by Kimmy Gatewood
Featuring Tess Paras, Rebekka Johnson, Jess Eason, BIlly Scafuri, Reshma Gajjar, Katie Malia, Ava Berstine and Yoori Kim
Produced by Bola Ogun and Vanity Fair
Choreographed by Kathryn Burns
Edited by Kyla Plewes

Lyrics by Rachel Bloom
Music by Rachel Bloom and Adam Schlesinger
Music Produced by Jack Dolgen, Adam Schlesinger and Steven Gold

DP: Allyson Schwartz
Makeup: Ching Tseng
Hair: Sapphire
Wardrobe: Tommy Marquez
Production Design: Alana Purcell
1st AD: Matt Johnson

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