Labor Day and such things

  • never worked harder on a Labor Day – finished a lot of items on my ToDo list
  • in 3 days it will be May 4th {nl} – our national war memorial day – it always makes me look at my life, our country and the world in an introspective way
  • working on a simplified tag-system for MvBlog – it’s not going quite as fast as I like, but I will finish before Michiel comes back from his holiday
  • had extremely busy weeks – mostly with parties, dinners and drinks!
  • spent two nights in a row (tonight is second night) following the World Snooker Championship – love the fact that the BBC will just cancel shows to broadcast the entire event
  • trying to learn the so-called ‘difficult’ words to understand my company’s annual report {nl} (it’s very boring)
  • have an appointment with a bank this Thursday to see if I can transfer from one bank to another (can you think of all the hassle this will involve?)
  • trying to keep this weekend clear, because I want organize my bookcase (big sigh!)

Boekenkast / Bookcase

As you can see my bookcase is a disorganized collection of books and “stuff”.

I am planning to move this year (hopefully it won’t take a year!), and my books will be the main part of all my possessions. In fact, I’m looking to sell (almost) all of my Star Trek Pocket Books.

Anyone interested? Send me an email, or leave a comment!


On a great and positive note: I did manage to defrost my fridge tonight :) yay for me!