Keukenhof: My Annual Visit

Planning my visit to the Keukenhof this year was very dependent on the weather. Last week – gorgeous and warm: great for walking around in a park filled with flowers. This week? Cold, windy and wet: what to do? I did not want to leave my visit too late, because with all the previous warm weather, the tulips (and other bulb flowers) would just grow and wilt away. Yet, walking around outside when it’s cold, windy and wet: not so charming!

Today I took the chance: no rain, not too much wind and there was even a chance of some sunshine. Working from home in the morning, after lunch I took the train and bus to get to the park.

Filled as always with foreign tourists, I noticed that there were plenty of countrymen visiting today as well. Most of them over a certain age: it was fairly crowded. Also, it seems I’m not the only one carrying a camera. At times it seemed as if people were competing with the size of their lenses1.

Weaving my way around all those lenses, I zoomed in on tulips: perfect tulips and wilted tulips, they are always captivating!

After walking around for about two hours, I had enough. Both the throngs of people and the flowers were too much for my senses. On my way back to the trainstation I thought that I might just skip next year. After all, how many tulips can you handle?

For my previous visits (and photos), please check this overview post: The Keukenhof is open again.


  1. As with most things, size does not matter!