JD Robb - In Death, a continuing fan's story

Reading Material Aug 11, 2012


I can't really remember when I bought my first In Death book. I do remember I bought it at the American Book Center in the Hague. I also know exactly which title I bought: Witness in Death. The blurb of the book caught my attention, it mentioned an exciting story with a blossoming love story and a murder at the theater. Bought the book, walked around the corner, went into a KFC's and after ordering I started to read the book.

After finishing that first title, I could not wait to get my hands on the previous (and following) titles. Over the years, I have bought all the books, but at some point - I think it was around title 30 (Creation in Death) that I felt the series could not hold my attention anymore. I stopped reading the books and I forgot about them.

Cue my gift of an ereader and my discovery of loads and loads of ebooks. I rediscovered the In Death series again and I have not looked back. Now I happily await the latest release of a JD Robb title. I no longer buy the print titles, but I have all of the ebooks, including the in-between publications of little trilogies.

Come September the next In Death will be published, Delusion in Death, and I will be ready for it!

Full title list of JD Robb's In Death

My comparison of JD Robb's Eve Dallas and TV's Castle's Kate Beckett

In Death character list

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