iTunes Meme [version 3]

I’ve previously posted an iTunes Meme on my other website: version 1 and version 2.

Now, I’ve decided to do it once more to see how my music files compare!

How many total songs?

8037 songs, 22.3 days, 51.74 GB


Sort by song title – first and last

‘A.K. Salim / Blue Shot’ by Jules Deelder [Deelder Draait]- ‘3121’ by Prince [3121]


Sort by time – shortest and longest

00:00:02 ‘Bright Moments (Excerpt)’ by Rahsaan Roland Kirk [Does Your House Have Lions: The Rahsaan Roland Kirk Anthology] – 01:25:53 ‘Symfonie no. 8’ of Anton Bruckner by Koninklijk Concertgebrouw Orkest conducted by Bernard Haitink [120 Jaar Koninklijk Concertgebrouw Orkest]

(this is unchanged)

Sort by Album – first and last

‘ABBA’ by ABBA – ‘3121’ by Prince


Sort by Artist – first and last

a-ha – The 88


Top five played songs

‘Le Jazz Hot’ by Julie Andrews from ‘Victor/Victoria’ (95x)

‘Hung Up’ by Madonna from ‘Confessions on a Dance Floor’ (75x)

‘Town Called Malica’ by The Jam from ‘The Greatest Hits’ (67x)

‘The Shady Dame from Seville’ by Julie Andrews from ‘Victor/Victoria’ (67x)

‘You and Me’ by Julie Andrews & Robert Preston from ‘Victor/Victoria’ (65x)


Find the following words. How many songs show up?

Sex: 12

Death: 24

Love: 479

You: 722

Home: 102

Boy: 71

Girl: 80

First five songs that come up on Party Shuffle

Not counted


(I still do not have the standard playlist Party Shuffle)