iTunes Meme (5)

How many total songs?

8,985 songs, 24.6 days, 60.69 GB

Sort by song title – first and last

‘A-tisket A-tasket’ by Ella Fitzgerald [The Essential Ella Fitzgerald]- ’3121′ by Prince [3121]

(last song: unchanged)

Sort by time – shortest and longest

00:00:02 ‘Bright Moments (Excerpt)’ by Rahsaan Roland Kirk [Does Your House Have Lions: The Rahsaan Roland Kirk Anthology] – 01:25:53 ‘I Will Rise Up / Ain’t No More Cane′ by Lyle Lovett [It’s Not Big It’s Large]

(first song: unchanged)

Sort by Album – first and last

‘ABBA’ by ABBA – ’3121′ by Prince


Sort by Artist – first and last

a-ha – 1990s

(first artist: unchanged)

Top five played songs

(I recently cleaned all stats from iTunes)

Find the following words. How many songs show up?

Sex: 13

Death: 9

Love: 468

You: 855

Home: 107

Boy: 142

Girl: 92

First five songs that come up on Party Shuffle

Not counted

(I still do not have the standard playlist Party Shuffle)

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