iPad Case, Moleskine Style

Yesterday my mother reaffirmed that she rocks!

iPad – classic design

In about 3 hours she literally cut & pasted a home-made iPad cover, based on a Moleskine design (more on that design can be found here).

First she measured the cardboard sections needed, next came the Buckram cover material (dark blue).

iPad – cutting buckram cover material

iPad – cutting buckram cover material

Using special glue, she then carefull folded the buckram around the edges of the cardboard sections, and added strong linen to the folds.

iPad – glue and fold buckram cover & book lining

iPad – fold buckram cover material

The outside is looking clean and professional!

iPad – outside cover is ready

Next up: adding the elastic band, one for the outside and four for holding the iPad in place.

iPad – punch hole for elastic band

iPad – elastic band

iPad – elastic band, heart of the cover

Next up: adding the lining paper. This turned out to be tricky as she had to fit in the four elastic bands for holding the iPad.

iPad – framework all ready, let’s add paper

iPad – picky work

iPad – wait until dry

And now, we test the case!

iPad – test run

Seems to fit.

iPad – in upright position

Notes for the next one

Use more linen and less paper, especially on the folds.

Get stronger elastic band material.

Use a different technique for adding the elastic bands.