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A great YouTube video: ‘I will always remember you’

Every orphan of ivory poaching once had a family. This is their story.

‘I will always remember you’ shows how elephant families are being torn apart by ivory poaching. As portrayed through Hugo Guinness’ animation, portraying the life saving work of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. At the orphanage we build a future for rescued elephants and provide infant victims of the ivory trade with a second chance. Please SHARE widely!

Hugo Guinness’ animation, created entirely through painstaking pen to paper illustrations, was produced by Allegra Pilkington and Luisa Crosbie. It was inspired from the artwork, vision and heart of Hugo and took 5 months to create. The original music for the film was composed by Joe Trapanese.

The stories of ivory orphans don’t end when they arrive at our Nursery. Survivors like the orphan elephant in the film, have the opportunity to not only live, but to go on and start their own families back in the wild.

Want to be a part of their future? Foster an orphaned baby elephant in our care at: http://dswt.org/foster

Special thanks to J. Crew, who originally commissioned Hugo Guinness to create illustrations for their Garments for Good program, in support of the DSWT.

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