I Don’t Read | Booking Through Thursday

What is your response when somebody tells you “I don’t read.”

Deb, Booking Through Thursday

Whenever someone tells me they don’t read, my first feeling is one of pity. Such a shame that they don’t broaden their outlook and enrich their lives.

My second thought is probably one where I find myself asking them why they don’t read. I’m curious. Did they have a bad experience growing up, were they forced to read horrible books?

Next I’ll have to stop myself from trying to convince them. Have you ever tried [name of well known book series, always quite popular]?

I know this will not work, but while I consider them lost to the wonderful world of books and reading for your own enjoyment, I do try to help them if they come up to me for advice if they do want to start reading.

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(Photo by Moyan Brenn, Reading)