Hofwijck and Huygens on WikiPedia

In my lunch break at work today, I started browsing WikiPedia for entries on dutch historical figures that I admire. Immediately I tried the search on Constantijn Huygens, whom I’ve always admired.

When I was younger, I actually did an essay and a presentation on this figure. Not very surprising, as my parents live in a street right across from his estate in Voorburg: Hofwijck. I always thought that if I had to be born in the dutch Golden Age, Huygens would have been an excellent father for a girl – he thought that boys and girls should have the same upbriging, and more importantly, the same educational level (at least, until the girls were married).

When I opened the wikipage on Huygens, I was appalled. Someone had mixed up the layout, but as I started reading, I also saw that the english was translated badly.

So I sent a link reminder to my home email and forgot all about it.

That was until I came home!

A brief read-up on wiki syntax, and I started correcting some of the more obvious mistakes. I added some photos, and I also started a whole new entry on Huygens’ Hofwijck.

Feel free to see my entries (and my hard work): Constantijn Huygens and Hofwijck (as you can see, the entry on Hofwijck is far from finished).