‘Het Depot’ Sculpture Gallery

What a wonderful day: my mother took me to Wageningen to visit the Het Depot Sculpture Gallery. Gorgeously sculpted works of art, all collected with the intention to support the sculptors and to educate the public, such a wonderfully inspiring ideology.

The Het Depot foundation supports sculptors of torsos and fragments of torsos, with a focus on providing opportunities for development.

Entry is free, you are allowed to touch the sculptures (as long as you are careful), and the buildings are situated in an Arboretum: in my opinion all ingredients for an amazing experience!

A few of the sculptures really caught my eye and —as per ususal— I’ve tried to capture their magic:

Diana | Randy Cooper

Synestésie | Dominique Rayou

Dominique Rayou has a special exhibition until January 26, 2014: I recommend seeing his touching and humorous sculptures soon!