Hello Copypants, Goodbye DigiMarc

Previously I have blogged about my Digimarc experience and activities, but after one month of working with Copypants, I know I’d rather use the latter.

Where a basic account with Digimarc does not give you any information on your watermarked images used on the web, Copypants does give you results, and the tiered pricing at Copypants gives you more options and better deals.

I’ve recently upped my account to the Growth level, because with the number of high quality photos I have hosted at Flickr, it pays to keep track of where your images are used. Already, I have opened a few cases to get proper credit: let’s wait to see what happens!

I’m also considering adding a more transparent logo displayed diagonally to my photos, because it’s annoying to see my NonCommercial CC licenced photos used by (mostly) tulip bulb selling companies!

Want to try Copypants? There’s a free starter account and it’s easy to upgrade if you think it’s needed for your photos. Simply add the site you want checked each month and let the algorithms of Copypants do their magic.

(And yes, that is a referral link to Copypants!)

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