Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows [spoilers]

As this entry will contain spoilers for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Book 7), I have decided that – even after 2 weeks – I should put my thoughts on the book behind the read more section.

Without further ado:

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - cover
I liked DH! I did! I do!

Although 2 weeks after reading the book too quickly, I have decided I will read it again probably next weekend. Some scenes are a bit vague in my memory, and after discussing the book with friends and colleagues, I have noticed that I did miss some more or less important scenes.

I have to say that JKR added some surprising new themes to the Harry Potter saga, and I am still not quite sure what I think of those. They seemed a bit contrived to me, as if she used them as a deus ex machina just to tie all the loose ends together for the sake of simply finishing the book series.

The Dumbledore backstory was intriguing, especially his relation with Grindelwald. I liked how Dumbledore had Snape help Harry along the way, without Harry knowing about it. This is also the story arc which I still distrust. Snape.

Why did she have to kill him so carelessly?

I have been a Snape fan since book two I think, and I was always hoping to see him redeemed publically, in front of his Order peers. No such luck. Also, the reasoning behind his motives – a life long love for Lily Evans (Potter) – seemed immature. Harry’s reading of his memories did clear up some of the remaining oddities and story arcs from books 1-6 and also from events in this book, but to me it appears as if Snape needed to be killed in order to close these arcs. By killing him so carelessly (why would a Potions Master, supposedly one of the best in his field, be killed by the venom of a magical snake?), JKR has left her only truly interesting character with a life debt – from her as an author to him as a character with the most redeeming potential.

As for the other deaths, of course, it is sad to see George without Fred, and little Teddy without his parents Lupin and Tonks, but those are the casualties of war, and their deaths did serve the better good.

The epilogue? Nice.

Sickeningly nice.

And useless.

Long live fanfiction!

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