Google Wave is Public!

I hope this will work, especially since Google announced today that Google Wave is now public!

Go get an account and play around :-)

(if/when my test wave does not show up, this means that has blocked the code)

drats! as you can see below, _is_ blocking the code! come one, guys, get with the program!

on my test WP, which I run locally, I am able to embed the wave, so only is blocking this; a regularly installed blog will not have this problem

Google Wave embedded on test WP running locally

Google Wave embedded on test WP running locally

google.load("wave", "1");
function initialize() {
var waveframe = document.getElementById("waveframe");
var embedOptions = {
target: waveframe,
header: true,
toolbar: true,
footer: true
var wavePanel = new google.wave.WavePanel(embedOptions);