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A great vimeo video by Mascha Halberstad: Goodbye mister de Vries

Mister De Vries (93) sits at his window awaiting his death. Until one cold winter day he is surprised by the arrival of a parcel. When he subsequently sees a pigeon flying off he knows that this is no ordinary message. His time has come. Mister De Vries momentarily hesitates to open it. When he chances it, he finds his old Frisian skates. There’s only one thing to be done.

Made for NTR kort! 2012
Financial support: NTR, Netherlands Filmfund, CoBo
Produced by Viking Film Marleen Slot

Director: Mascha Halberstad
Script/Screenplay: Fiona van Heemstra
Animation: Huub Kistemaker
Intern: Marije van Ouwerkerk
Sound Design: Jeroen Nadorp
Composer: Miguel Boelens

Festival screenings
• Netherlands Film Festival, September 2013
• International Youth Film Festival, Turkey, May 2013
• Femina Festival, Brazil, July 2013
• Cinefiesta, Puerto Rico, July 2013
• Filmfestival Nueva Mirada, Argentina, August 2013
• Brazilian Kids Festival, Brazil, September 2013
• Milano Film Festival, Italy, September 2013
• Encounters Film Festival, UK, September 2013
• Athens Film Festival, Greece, September 2013
• Le Carrousel du Rimouski, Canada, September 2013
• Kerry Film Festival, Ireland, October 2013
• Schlingel Film Festival, Germany, October 2013
• St Louis International Film Festival, USA, November 2013
• Golden Elephant Children Festival, India, November 2013

Winner international short and animation film award Schlingel Film Festival, Germany

This film was made without any computer effects!
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