Frankfurt Day 6 (Last Day)

2007.05.02 11:29 AM

ICE 122, carriage 23, seat 081 – Utrecht CS

View from the ICE – Frankfurt Skyline

In a relatively empty second class carriage. My seat clearly shows my seat is reserved. But the seat next to me (chair 083) isn’t – I am hoping this train will not fill up, so that I can sit this out in peace. Announcement just came on "Due to delayed approach of train at Frankfurt Hbf, the train will be departing slightly later." Alright, so this trip already starts with a 2 minute delay: what a shock!

Am in the fast train, it seems, as we are traveling at 250 km/h now, and we are showing no signs of stopping at any of the stations between Frankfurt Airport and Cologne Central Station (keep your fingers crossed, because you never know what will happen). It was great to get together with Katie again, and I cannot wait till the time she will find a free spot in her busy researcher’s life to come visit me.

2007.05.02 1:30 PM

Leaving Duisburg, with only about a 10 minute delay. I’m hoping I can still catch my transfer connection to Den Haag when we arrive in Utrecht, but seeing as this train arrives at the platform from which my other train leaves, I see no problems there.

More and more people have gotten on the train, and I hope I can get my small suitcase out of the holding with relative ease when we reach Utrecht CS. I can only imagine other people’s stuff on top of mine!