Frankfurt Day 5

20070501 Worms, and meeting Frank

Today Katie and I traveled to Worms. At least, that was our plan. We went via the Max-Planck-Institute, because Katie had some cells to wake up. Wow! That is certainly a completely different world! They even keep frogs there to harvest their eggs. I still don’t quite understand what Katie is researching, but I’m hoping she will explain it again to me some time. From MPI, we took the bus (number 26) back to Eschersheim Station, and we stepped onto the S6 towards Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof.

While Katie took care of my ticket, I went and got us our daily Starbucks coffee. After grabbing something to eat, we went down again to the S-bahn, to get on the S8 to get our connection to Worms. Unfortunately due to May 1 demontrations, we did not really get out of the suburbs of Frankfurt and the train went back to the central station. After checking to see my ticket would still be valid, we went on another train (regular Regional Bahn / Regional Express this time), hoping it would bring us closer to Worms. I must say, I have discovered that the DB is not as perfect as we dutch regularly are made to believe. Our train was delayed, and thankfully Frank was sweet enough to pick us up at Bensheim.

Schloss Auerbach

Instead of a tour of Worms, he had decided to use this opportunity to take us upto the Auerbach castle (gorgeous). Afterwards we walked through a wonderful area in Bensheim, called Fürstenlager. We sat in the sun, talked about the combined history of Germany and the Netherlands, and I even sang the first and sixth stanza of the Dutch anthem (never ask me again, Frank!).

As Katie had predicted (mostly to herself), Frank and I really hit it off. We talked about religion a bit, and I cannot wait to talk some more with him about this topic, because it is obviously something that we both have a strong opinion about. Should see if I can send him some more books, and perhaps suggest (or send) some books which my grandfather wrote (note to self).

Frank took us back to Worms, and he showed us where he lives in the Dominicaner monastery. It’s gorgeous, and while I find it difficult to understand his choice of life, I can see the reason for living there. Frank told us

Our trip back was relatively unremarkable.