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The Scheveningen Pier in The Hague is an events centre which juts out into the North Sea. At a height of 60 metres you’ll find a deck with a view stretching to 17 kilometres. The Pier features several shops, the Bungy Jump Centre Scheveningen, a restaurant and casino, the Schateiland coin-operated arcade and a Tourist Information Point. The Scheveningen Pier attracts thousands of visitors every year who want to know what the view is like from the sea.

The Pier was designed in 1900 in connection with the Kurhaus. The 380-metre long promenade ended at an octagonal platform with a pavilion used for music performances. During the Second World War the pavilion was used by the German occupying forces for storage. In 1943 the Germans tore down the Pier by sawing off the piles. After the war plans were made for a new Pier, which was officially inaugurated by Prince Bernhard in 1961.
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