Flickr Statistics – revisited

Previously I mentioned that on March 4 of this year my Flickr statistics showed a huge spike. I was puzzled (I still am) and Flickr was not able to explain how&why this happened (they suggested that one of my photos was perhaps featured on their front page, but when looking at the stats that clearly was not the case!).

Now, using a nifty Flickr stats application, flickrstats, I am able to see all my stats (starting in 2008) clearly in one go:

Check May 12, 2008


A huge spike again, larger than the March 4 one!

Not a total of about 500 visits, but 4195!

How & why: again unclear.

Flickr Stats – May 12, 2008

As you can see, the most hits were on my flickr homepage, but some sets were also frequently visited. As there is not a single photo that leaps out, I can again discount Flickr’s idea of having one photo shown on their front page.


Any ideas?