Firefox Personas: not getting it

After using Google’s Chrome browser on my MacBook since its official arrival, I changed back to Firefox yesterday. I’ve always kept using Firefox whenever I needed to pay using my internet bankaccount programs, but I did have to check and relearn again.

With the appearance of Firefox 3.5 I was offered to choose a “Persona”.

A what?

Firefox Personas, it’s time to get personal.

Personally, I prefer a clean and minimalistic theme, but I’m always game for something new. The Firefox Personas remind me of those early websites (and still some current ones) where anyone could choose their background, no matter their visual expertise. For the sake of discussion however, I am testing it out, and so far my choice at work (larger screen) is called Paint Splat, but at home I have Two Little Birds as my personal choice.

So far? It’s a bit distracting and by next week I might just revert back to the classic theme Whitehart!