Finally …


With the ever patient help of Michiel (aka he was fixing my kernel, and I was chatting about the draw of the World Championship 2006), my system is up and running. Right now I’ll just have to wait and see how it behaves.

Cross your fingers and toes!


Just picked up my computer – my father was so sweet to help me pick it up, and he then drove me home :)
Want to install the latest Ubuntu version, 5.10 in AMD64 mode, but cdrom doesn’t pick up the install-part right when starting computer. O well.
Just have to wait how computer is behaving tonight – I am still afraid of freezes, kernel panics and such!


Received a phonecall from computer store – all hardware in good condition – just the wire from SATA harddisk to board was not put in SATA plug, but in RAID plug – now have to find time to pick computer up again

Computer is at store – waiting for news – should take upto 4 working days – hope it won’t be expensive!