Fairy Tale Statues: they are back!

In the last two years, the seaside of the Hague has seen a great upheaval. All part of the “Scheveningen Boulevard project1, it is in the process of being remodelled drastically. Part of the plan meant that the great Fairy Tale statues by artist Tom Otterness had to be removed.

I’ve missed these statues. They are whimsically funny and you cannot help but touch them. Over the years I have been to see them often and I always had my camera on me.

Hansel and Gretel

Three Men in a Boat with Giant’s Foot

Queen’s Pavilion {detail}

Queen’s Pavilion {detail}

King and Queen {detail}

King and Queen

The Lion and the Mouse

Moby Dick {detail}

Hansje Brinker


The Lion and the Mouse {detail}

The Lion and the Mouse {detail}

Gulliver Travels to Liliput / Gulliver reist naar Lilliput

Moby Dick

[uknown figure]

[unknown figure]

[unknown figure]


Hansje Brinker

Hansel and Gretel / Hans en Grietje























My favorite photo is of a little “boy”, cute as a button and in a way, bashful.

Is This Love? [2]





This little statue has been repositioned and I’m not quite happy with the photo I took of him today. It seems as if he now disappears against the background, whereas before he was more visible against the wall. I can see why they moved him, because where before he was placed at the dunes above the other statues, he is now smack in the middle of the whole scene.

[uknown figure]
















I guess you’ll have to go see him for yourself to see if you agree!

(For more on their previous layout, check here)


  1. Raising the coastline and building an extra dike: In order to guarantee the safety of the popular beach resort and harbour of Scheveningen in the future, a number of structural and sustainable measures are necessary.

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