Dvorak keyboard layout

Dvorak International


*typing this entry using the dvorak layout*

it’s different …. very different

I’ve never taken typing lessons and I can’t consciously remember learning to type.

Now however, it feels as if it’s going to take me all night just writing down what I want to say. According to various sources Dvorak is The Way to type, because where QWERTY was designed back when you needed all your strength just to press down one key, Dvorak was designed with our modern (and fast) computers in mind.

Thanks to my friend Michiel I became interested in Dvorak.

(small thought – I really shouldn’t have edited this piece — the typing mistakes were numerous)

Ever since I can remember I have had problems with my right wrist (somehow I’m missing the end of a bone) and I’m trying out Dvorak to see if it helps alleviate the pain.

If you want to try out Dvorak too, here’s some tips:

Hooleon Keyboard Stickers

ABCD: A Basic Course in Dvorak

Installing Dvorak by Don Reed (Linux)

Installing all other OS