DigiMarc’ing My Photos

I’m not a professional photographer, but I am a keen amateur. As I have no idea how often my photos are used or not by others, I have decided to sign up with Digimarc® to add a digital watermark to my photos. This mark will help me keep track of my newly uploaded photos1.

Thanks to this great tutorial by Craig McCormick, adding a Photoshop droplet to my Lightroom export was easy.

Pretty soon my first batch of photographs is going to be watermarked by the Digimarc® Guardian for Images2!

Images Digitally Watermarked by Digimarc | Get More Information on How to Digitally Watermark ImagesImages on the website have been digitally watermarked with ownership and usage information. Digimarc and the Digimarc logo are registered trademarks of Digimarc Corporation. The “Digimarc-Enabled” Web Button is a trademark of Digimarc Corporation, used with permission.


  1. I usually upload my photos to Flickr and 500px.
  2. Digimarc® Guardian for Images : this sounds like a movie title!