De Jarvis Winch aan boord De Stad Amsterdam | Flickr

Schip de stad Amsterdam

De Jarvis Winch genoemd naar de uitvinder de Schot Captain John Charles Barron Jarvis (1837-1935
De Jarvis Winch wordt gebruikt om de ra’s de draaien. In het Engels is de uitleg als volgt: Although the historical clippers were not fitted with Jarvis winches, the designers of the “Stad Amsterdam” decided to do so in order to be able to sail with a reduced number of crew. The Jarvis winch was invented by the Scottish Captain John Charles Barron Jarvis (1837-1935) in eighties of the 19th century at a time where clipper ships had already disappeared from the world oceans. The Jarvis winch was designed in order to lighten the heavy job of bracing around on a square rigger. The winch consists of three pairs of drums. From each drum a steel wire is lead to the yard arm of a yard. By simultaneously heaving on one side and slacking on the other side, the yard is braced around in one single move. In addition to the reduced amount of required crew, there was an important safety aspect on the introduction of Jarvis winches: the action of bracing is moved from the side to the heart of the ship, thus considerably reducing the risk of falling overboard.
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