Dates and such

do I give into temptation? do I want to make an entry today, when it’s 03.03.03?

I guess I do!

Dates have always fascinated me, especially when I realized that on February 20, 2000 I’d be 25 at 4.44am – how numerologically cool is that?

Of course, last year my birthday had an awesome moment too:

20.02.2002 at 20:02

this trick only works if you live in a country where you put the day before the month. Since this was the last occurrence of a synchronisation of both time and date, I actually checked my alarm clock (one of those fancy-schmanzy atom-clock controlled machines) to know exactly when that moment was. Luckily the others didn’t mind me doing that ;o)

This year, as wilwheatondotnet so aptly put it, is celebrating its second coolest date so far.

01.02.03 (that’s January First for me, February Second for the rest of the world) was fairly awesome too.

It kinda makes you wonder, if, with all these numerological seemingly interested dates, something big is going to happen this year.

Whatever that is, I hope it will make us happy.

After all, isn’t that what we all strive to achieve? Happiness?

On this note …