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Do you keep a database of your book collection anywhere? An online website? An excel spreadsheet? A handwritten paper journal?


All my ebooks are filed and saved using Calibre, the best tool for books currently available 1. Lately, I’ve started scanning the barcodes of all my paper books to add them to Goodreads. My Goodreads account is connected to my Calibre databases, so I’m now looking into synchronizing all the e- and print books, because I do not want any duplicate titles listed in Calibre2. As I’m organizing my books, I wish I’d kept track of all the books I’ve read over the years, because it would be great to have an overview of my reading habits.

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(Image: Alicia Martín, Biografías VI, 2012; taken by me)


  1. IMHO
  2. At work I am the platform manager of a large academic books and journals website, so keeping track of well-formed metadata has seeped into my home environment as well