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Continuing the Social Connections from & to my Website

For some time now, I have been using various web services (like to inter-link a growing number of other web services.

  • my tweets are saved to my dropbox account
  • my blogposts are automatically sent to twitter, facebook and tumblr
  • my instagram photos are saved to dropbox, an email is sent to my gmail and the photos themselves are posted to my website, tumblr and facebook
  • interesting bookmarks and articles are tracked and saved using diigo and instapaper
  • newly posted photos on flickr are mentioned on twitter and a link is sent to facebook, the most recent are also shown on my website in a widget
  • newly favorited flickr photos, youtube videos and vimeo videos are posted to my website

You will find most of these autoposted posts in my (aptly named) Autopost category: I keep them away from my frontpage as it would distract from my manually written posts. Those articles not bookmarked with diigo are saved with instapaper and the feeds to these can be found in the main menu on my website under Feeds. I have feeds to linguistic articles, publishing articles, longreads and various others.

And those are not all of the automated actions running between the various accounts to these web services. I’ve tried to visualize all my connections before (post 1, post 2, post 3, tag), and I have not yet quite managed to get a clear picture. I am afraid I will never get everything organised in such a way that I havea clear picture, but for now, the services I use most are connected.

Today I discovered on Google Analytics a fun way of keeping track of what all these connections mean to the visitor statistics for this website. Check out the PDF I saved on Google Drive. It’s a Social Visitor Flow and I find it fascinating!


There is one service missing in my quest for connections however, and that is Google’s very own Google+ platform. I am sorely missing a connection (preferably via ifttt!) between all my accounts and Google+. Not that I want to spam my G+ account, but I find myself forgetting about it occasionally and I do not care for that feeling.

(My shared ifttt recipes can be found on my ifttt profile page.)