Celebrating King’s Day 2014: taking a new lens out for a walk

Screen-Shot-2014-04-27-at-20.24.05-e1398624930198When I bought my latest camera, I decided not to splurge on any new lenses. From an earlier borrowed Canon DSLR I still had a second hand older lens left (Canon EF 80-200mm F/4.5-5.6) and when I looked at the prices, I decided not to bother this time around. Six months later, numerous photos later, it was time to invest in a third lens. Because I have the kit lens and a zoom lens, I decided I wanted a fixed-zoom lens. These past days I’ve been carrying my camera around trying to get some feeling for this different way of taking photos of the world around me.

Yesterday, on my country’s first King’s Day1, I started the day with an annual visit to the Japanese Garden in local Park Clingendael. Followed by a peaceful stroll through another local park: Park Sorghvliet. I also went for a quick tramride on an old time PCC-car tram (the 1210 for those who keep track of things like that!).


  1. No idea if this is historically accurate: before our current King and the four Queens before him, we did have a succession of 3 Kings …