CC BY-SA: updating the copyright on my photos

It’s a bit of an undertaking1, but I’m reuploading all my photos to give them a proper copyright watermark. I had already updated the licencing on flickr to show that my photos are available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike licence.2



Currently I am reuploading 1751 images via LightRoom5’s flickr plugin. I know I have more images on flickr (about 4430 photos in total), but as my older images and my instagram-pushed images are not on file in LightRoom5, I will leave them as is. Because I want my photos to be available to everyone who sees them on flickr, I have chosen to add a watermark.

Feel free to download any size you want (even original sized ones), feel free to use my photos, but please remember to add an attribution that it is my photo. Of course, having added a watermark, most downloaded photos will already contain a correct attribution, but please don’t crop a photo, because I really do not want to place a watermark right across the middle of a photo!

Featured image from Grupo de Trabajo para la adopción de Creative Commons en Paraguay (Atribución 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0)).


  1. Let’s say: a few days
  2. Unfortunately flickr is horribly behind on its Creative Commons licences. Their CC licences are still version 2 whereas the current CC licences are already at version 4!