Castle's Kate Beckett vs JD Robb's Eve Dallas
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Castle's Kate Beckett vs JD Robb's Eve Dallas

Castle's Kate Beckett vs JD Robb's Eve Dallas

Over the weekend (and during the past week of vacation), I've been watching the Castle episodes from season one and two. I also picked up reading JD Robb's In Death series with book #31 Strangers in Death. And while I was immersed in these two crime-fighting fictional worlds, I noticed a distinct similarity between the two female lead characters.

So I wrote down a few of the main items which make up these fictional women, however - I have to note - there are many dissimilarities as well. Most notably, Eve Dallas has her man, whereas Kate Beckett has not decided yet who that should be!

Both women are independent with a strong character, a black&white feeling for justice; they are authority driven though only within the boundaries of the law and only for law abiding people; they have an almost destructive drive to solve cases, regardless of own health or situation.

In a more schematic comparison:

KB: tragedy as young adult

ED: tragic youth


KB: mother died when KB in early 20s, father recovered alcoholic

ED: mother's whereabouts unknown, ED killed father when very young after repeated rape

which resulted in a career in

KB: law enforcement, NYPD homicide division, 12th Precinct

ED: law enforcement, NYPSD homicide, Cop Central

where they meet

KB: Richard Castle, author/playboy/v. rich, 1 daughter, mother, father unknown

ED: Roarke, entrepeneur/v.v. rich, father deceased (murdered), mother deceased (murdered)

For more information on these two characters, Wikipedia is a great source of information [Kate Beckett] [Eve Dallas].

Even better: read the books and watch the show!

[update March 19, 2014]

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