Can You Trust Mainstream Media? | YouTube

A great YouTube video: Can You Trust Mainstream Media?

When people ask me how they can trust anything anymore it just makes me so sad. Yes, publications have a perspective, acting without bias in our world is impossible. And I get frustrated when i see papers not trying to present themselves without bias the way they used to.

But the idea that the “Mainstream Media” is the more corrupt of the institutions spreading information these days is nuts. I have watched papers come after YouTube for what I see as a mostly manufactured story. But these larger institutions have far more protections against reporting false stories, and a far greater responsibility to the truth than today’s “non-mainstream” options.

These other options tend to be driven entirely by ideology or profit with basically no responsibility to the truth. But they’ve succeeded handily in breaking down the credibility of the press, which is in turn breaking down the credibility of truth in general.

So, if I didn’t answer it for you in the video, let me answer the question in the title now. If you are looking at news, actual news and not an op-ed, you can trust the information reported in mainstream media FAR MORE than almost anything else. It may have a perspective, but the information itself will be trustworthy.

And I am happy to take a stand for an institution that I honestly think we would be screwed without (even if a couple bits of it have taken unnecessary swipes at YouTube in the past few weeks).

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