Can you map your (social) network connections?

When I tried to map my (social) network connections between various websites and webservices previously, I ended up with a huge spidery network.

I’m trying to see if I can improve on the previous version. More connections, more clarity in autoposting (which was the original reason for creating this network map): all in all a better visualisation of the footprints I am leaving “out there”.

A first version, without connections

A first version, without connections

The colors are a bit overwhelming and totally without meaning. And I clearly have to rethink this order as it would make creating connections even more difficult and unclear.

Are your network/social connections to the webservices and such also this complicated?


I’ve tried to connect all my accounts.

Pink-dotted: occasional/manual connection
Green-solid: two-way autopost/connection
Aqua-dashed: one-way autopost/connection