Busy day on my Flickr account

Almost daily I check the statistics of my flickr photo account. It’s fun to see which photos are popular and to find out what search keywords direct people towards my photo pages. Of course I’m flattered when it appears that people use or refer to my photos, and occasionally I receive a request for use of one of them.

Whenever I upload a new batch of photos the stats go up (as you’d want them to!), but last week on March 4 someone must have seen every single one of my photos at least five times!


March 4 peak

As you can see March 4 has an extreme peak of visitors and I am questioning what has happened.

March 4 flickr stats

March 4 flickr stats

The most visited pages have been checked about 15-18 times, but as the page number changes whenever I upload photos I cannot pin-point to them individually. It seems, by checking the individual photo statistics that someone was interest in my photos of flowers, but I would still like to know who they were and what they did!


Flickr referal by page