Behind The Doodle: Lotte Reiniger – #NatAndLo 15 | YouTube

A great YouTube video: Behind The Doodle: Lotte Reiniger – #NatAndLo 15


For a while now, we’ve been wanting to meet the Doodle team and learn more about how they make the Google doodles, so we were super excited to meet animator and doodler Olivia, to hear how she created the Lotte Reiniger doodle to celebrate her 117th birthday on June 2nd.

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Film footage courtesy of Primrose Productions/BFI National Archive

Thanks to our friend and dad to Wally the dog, Vibe Mountain, for the music in this episode, and Fall On Your Sword.

Nat & Lo’s 20% Project — a show about all the stuff we’re curious about at Google.

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