So much to tell you!

Most importantly, we’re back! We – Sofie, Michiel and I – were stuck with a missing server. As we had already planned to move server providers, our decision was made within a minute. Our old server provider had decided to migrate their servers from California to New Jersey (read all about it: WebHostTalk (103 pages and counting …)) (my reply) (Michiel’s reply).

I have loads of things to tell you, none of them major (and one which I cannot share yet).

I’ve taken loads of photos with the borrowed Canon 300D in the meantime – check them out at my flickr page:

In about 2 weeks, I’ll be on vacation (actually staying at my parents’ house when they are in France). I’m thinking of brining my computer (and screen), because nothing is more annoying – when you have loads of time – than sitting behind a strange computer. I’m hoping the weather will improve, because when Sofie and Michiel&Nancy are coming over, I want to barbecue!

More posts coming soon: some recipes, some links, and perhaps even some more stories ;)

Totally forgot: MvBlog has a new feature – please register and login to leave comments – the spammers were attacking us, so Michiel programmed in this safety. It won’t take more than 5 minutes – I promise!