About those Hofjes

A-Z of Me Oct 04, 2005

[in continuation of my previous post: All Is Quiet]

I guess some more explanations (and photos) are useful when explaining "Hofjes".

Below some links, but first: I have finally sent in all my registration forms, and I am now on the waiting list for my own house. YAY!
No idea how long the list is, or how long I'd have to wait - o well, at least it's all in 'motion' now :)

As for the links:
Explanation about Hofjes (scroll to bottom of page)

Schuddegeest Hofje Images
- image 1
- image 2
- image 3

Paramaribostraat Hofje Images
- image 1
- image 2

Schelpstraat Hofje Images
- image 1
- image 2


Leonieke Aalders

Love city life in The Hague #stayhome #staylocal Nature, buildings, statues: what a great way to capture an image!

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