5 weird habits/facts of Leonieke

Ground Rules: The first player of this game starts with the topic ‘5 weird habits/facts of yourself’ and people who get tagged need to write an entry about their 5 weird habits as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose the next 5 2 people to be tagged and list their names.

[Tagged by both Darren and Ivette! Go figure!]

  1. I don’t clean up my room often enough. Only clean up the mess when I really can’t stand it anymore.
  2. Even though people think I am organized (at work), my RL is cluttered (see 1.)
  3. I’d rather cook my own food. Not because I do not like a lot of food (hate paprika’s BTW), but because I like being in control when cooking. So when I’m helping someone prepare something I’d just rather do it myself. However, if people are good cooks (waves to Nancy), I don’t feel like I need to ‘take over’ at all!
  4. I’m opinionated, but I can’t always explain why I have a certain opinion. Not wanting to feel/look like a push-over, I’ll try to make my point based on nothing.
  5. I postpone almost anything (see 1.)

I tag Michiel and my mom : if you read this, feel free to leave your list in the comments :)