10 years


This past Saturday January 15 it was my 10th year at my employers, an academic publishing house in Leiden.

Ten years!

What happened?

When I started working, I simply needed some extra income as a student. Since then I have changed jobs within the company twice, each time a step up, and more importantly, in a completely different position.

I’m currently employed as a Project Manager Digital Publications (big words!) where I am responsible for the maintenance and creation of new digital publications (together with 2 colleagues). It’s great fun and I’m still challenged each day. So while it scares me to realize I’ve worked at the same employer for 10 years, I have also grabbed the chances at advancement and I have yet to stop growing in my experience and knowledge.

Ten years is not so bad, especially when this morning a very large group of colleagues surprised me in a meeting with a lovely card, gorgeous flowers and a very good whisky! Totally flabbergasted and blushing I could only stammer my thanks, while realizing how lucky I am!