Moody | Photo Friday

More and more garbage!

In a very moody mood today, because all night seagulls have kept me from sleeping: they were happily (and quite successfully) attacking the garbage bags in my street. Around 11 in the morning these are picked up, but the birds are quicker and more experienced in hacking away at the plastic bags!

See also this photo collage I posted this morning on instagram: O o #DenHaag, wat ben je vies #Archipel #vuilnisophaaldag | Instagram

More and more garbage!

More and more garbage!

[Moody, Photo Friday]
  • Freda Mans

    I’m glad we don’t have that problem here… I’d be outside with Alka Seltzer… :-)

    • Leonieke Aalders

      In the past months it has gotten worse. I live in a good neighborhood, but this just makes it look very bad!